Best Selling Shagun Envelopes in 2015

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In this post, we will list out the most popular and best selling shagun envelopes in the year 2015.

1. Wedding Envelope – CSGE_18_OrangeGold

This is the top selling envelope for different occasions.  This envelope was liked by most people and is still in trend.  Beautiful blossom flower prints along with golden designs is what it makes awesome.

2. Indian Mantras Rich Envelope – CSGE_17_DarkRed

This is the another popular shagun envelope.  It looks beautiful and stylish with the dark red color along with traditional mantras printed on it.  A big golden flower adds shine to it.

3. Triple Print Layered Shagun Envelope – CSGE_14_GoldLustre

Gold Lustre triple layer printed shagun envelope

Gold Lustre triple layer printed shagun envelope

Gold lustred envelope that is printed in three layers.  French flower designs are printed in different layers on the envelope along with different religious symbols, ganesh ji or ek omkar.

4. Money Envelope In Deep Sapphire Blue With Laser Cut Swans – SSGE_04_DeepSapphireBlue

Swan sapphire shagun envelope

Swan sapphire shagun envelope

This gift or money envelope is the first choice of people with high budget.  This is our signature envelope with laser cutting swans on shimmer sapphire blue thick paper sheet.

Very trendy and famous for rich occasions and status.

5. Envelope – CSGE_18_Orange

Orange wedding envelope

Orange wedding envelope

This is the 5th most liked wedding envelope with blossom print and golden flower prints.

These are the top 5 best selling envelopes in the year 2015 by Lotus Card Studio.



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