Golden Pink Sweet Box and Wedding Invitation Card

Lets begin with the introduction to our new lovely flower themed wedding card that fits for every religion and especially crafted for hindu weddings.

The hindu wedding card consists of:

  1. Box
  2. Butter Paper Jacket
  3. Four inserts

The box has 3D feel natural flowers printed in golden, pink and orangish colors.  Box is 24 cm in length, 24 cm in width and has 6 cm height to make it spacious enough to accomodate invite and sweets.  Inside of the box is pure golden with Ganesh ji to give blessings and having indian holy mantras.  There are 16 cavities to hold sweets or chocolates and the structure can be customized according your desires.

Golden Pink Sweet box and Wedding Invitation Card

Golden Pink Sweet box and Wedding Invitation Card

The butter paper jacket has beautiful golden flowers at the top right corner along with couples’ names at bottom.  Jacket holds four inserts with different colored flowers design giving the invite a richer look from inside along with outside.  Wedding wordings are beautifully arranged on the inserts and this enriches the beauty of your special event announcement.

You can buy this marriage invitation online with easy customizations and top quality material with Paypal’s buyer protection and round the world shipping.  Visit

There is also a video for the card that you can view on above product link that will give you the real quality feel to eliminate your confusion or doubts.

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