Terms and Conditions

  • The original design shown on website is the right of the company and third parties involved.  Any change in the original design can be done based on the feasibilty.  You can get in touch with us for any customizations for any product.
  • Any change in the original design of product or any other kind of customization will be extra chargeable and have to paid fully in advance before manufacturing process starts.
  • We print our company’s label on every product’s back side (www.lotuscardstudio.com).  If you want us to remove this label, you should tell us beforehand during the matter proof process.
  • The colors of products shown on website varies from one screen to another depending upon the resolution and software/hardware settings.  However, the original product is always crafted better than the online image.
  • Any tax or duty applicable state wise or country wise will be solely paid by you and we can’t help in this regard as this is not in our control.
  • For printing, we always get a matter proof by you again and again until it is finalized before we start with printing.
  • The sample products ordered are adjustable and non refundable.  This means that if you don’t place the order after receving samples, we will not refund the sample’s amount.  However, if you place the order after satisfaction with the samples, we will adjust the sample’s cost against the order.  The actual amount adjusted depends upon the product and order quantity and will be communicated to you before sample order placement.
  • Kindly check for delivery time before order placement in case you are short of time.  You can reach us here.  We will not be reponsible for non delivery within your preferred time after order placement.